Our experts can help you protect and manage your assets now and for the future.

 Trusts are a way of managing wealth – money, investments, land or property – for you, your family, or anyone else who you’d like to benefit.

 When you put assets in a trust, they are under the control of an appointed person or persons called ‘trustees’. The trustees then manage the trust according to your instructions, even after your death.

 We can help you set up a trust to:

  • Safely pass on assets to the next generation
  • Fund education for your children and grandchildren
  • Provide for vulnerable loved ones
  • Provide for children and partners from different relationships
  • Manage personal injury compensation
  • Reduce inheritance tax payments
  • Protect assets from creditors or divorcing partners.

We understand that every person’s financial and family situation is totally unique. Our experts will work closely with you and provide a bespoke plan engineered to your individual needs and requirements.

 We have unsurpassed experience with all aspects of trust law and taxation and can offer practical, tax-efficient advice on creating, administering, changing, and ending your trust